Hybrid applications as the right business solution

APPLICATIONS 05. February 2020.

There is a wide variety of application development tools available today, which is why it is difficult to make the right decision - what is the smartest to choose?

In addition to the well-known so-called. Of "native" applications, more and more importance is given to "hybrid" applications. Hybrid applications combine elements of native applications and web technologies (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). Thus, hybrid applications are the most commonly developed using web technologies, and as a result a web application that can be run independently is obtained. Although they use plugins, this does not prevent these applications from having full access to all the options offered by a modern mobile device.

• ease of development

• Plenty of functionality

• UI design

• ease of testing

(* eg it can be displayed graphically with visual design of the organigrams)

Hybrid applications offer easier development access, financial savings as well as human savings, and responsiveness across platforms and shortening delivery times. Such applications can be run on all operating systems because they depend on the web browser rather than the operating system, so they are easy to maintain. In order to develop, hybrid applications require more complex solutions and a thorough understanding of such programming, but they are helped by the right framework.

One of the most commonly used framework tools for developing hybrid applications is React Native. Founded in 2015, this framework has gained popularity after being used by Facebook. There is simply no need to separate iOS and Android users anymore, but one application is being developed for all platforms. This framework simplifies the application development process for developers by allowing them to create interactive mobile applications for different operating systems using a single JavaScript code base. In addition to Facebook, this framework is also used by the Instagram, Uber Eats and Bloomberg apps.

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